You’ve probably heard about epoxy flooring before, but you may not have associated it with houses. Epoxy flooring is very commonly used in businesses such as auto mechanics, hospitals, and stores. It’s a sleek, professional look, but can handle a large amount of daily traffic. Over the years, epoxy flooring has been making its way into residential homes, with the garage being the most common. Here are some of the amazing benefits of epoxy flooring.

It’s Hygienic: One of the most significant benefits is the fact that epoxy flooring is extremely hygienic. That’s one of the biggest reasons hospitals use this material. There’s nothing porous and no cracks for food, liquids, dirt, debris, etc. to get caught. This also prevents bacteria from developing and growing on the surface.

Tan, Black, & White Speckled Epoxy Flooring

Beautiful Aesthetic: There are several colors you can choose from for your epoxy floors. Gray is a common color because it’s neutral, but if you want the floor to be the focal point, you have that freedom. With how easy it is to clean, you’ll never have to worry about your floors losing its luster.

It’s Affordable: Generally, the materials and the installation process are less expensive than other flooring installations. On top of that, epoxy flooring can last 20 to 30 years. This helps justify any price because of how long you’ll have the floor.

Blue & Black Epoxy Pattern

It’s Durable: Another huge benefit is how durable epoxy flooring is. An epoxy floor is a hard surface, even harder than wood flooring. It’s can handle a large amount of traffic daily including when things accidentally get dropped on it. Rarely will you have to worry about cracking or peeling, and protects the concrete underneath.