Dustless Refinishing

Take a look at your floors. They’ve probably seen better days. You might have been told to replace them by an installation company. While that option is on the table, why not make your life easier by restoring them. All you need is a dustless refinishing and next thing you know, those floors are back to life. 

You might be asking yourself, “what is a dustless refinishing?” To put it simply, dustless refinishing is the process of sanding your floors while removing nearly all of the dust that is produced. At Wakefield Hardwood Floors, we are sanding and refinishing certified by Bona, the world leader in hardwood finishing and floor care trusted by professionals since 1919. With our trailblazing high suction, high filtration, dust containment systems, your floors are going to look brand new.

From a pricing perspective, we here at Wakefield Hardwood Floors will work with you every step of the way. Pricing for dustless refinishing is determined by the overall condition of your floor, the square footage, the specific services you have in mind, plus some other varying factors. But no matter your price point, we offer all our clients service options.

To get in touch with us about our dustless refinishing, head over to our contact page to get a free estimate today!