Hardwood floors make an exquisite addition to any room of the house. They add a level of sophistication to the room, allowing you to customize the room with throw and area rugs. Plus, they are easy to clean. With the proper maintenance, your hardwood flooring can last for decades! At Wakefield Hardwood Floors, we understand the importance of making sure your floor can handle the day-to-day activities of your family’s busy life. We’ve gathered some dos and don’ts of how to care for your hardwood flooring properly.

The Do’s

● Spills need to be cleaned as soon as they happen to prevent any stains or long term damage to the floor.

● Vacuum or sweep the floors daily of any dirt and debris that might cause scratched on the surface.

For entrances or high-traffic areas, use mats and/or rugs to help eliminate excessive dirt, debris, mugs, and more from the floor.

Hardwood Floor Being Cleaned

Add pads to the bottom of furniture legs, especially if they are moved often, to prevent scratches and dents to the wood.

● If you have a dog, cat, bird, or other animals that use the floor often, keep their nails trimmed to avoid any damage.

The Don’ts

● Don’t clean with strictly water or steam. The excess moisture will permanently damage the surface, and the finish will dull over time.

White heels atop of a dark-stained floor

● Avoid having hardwood in bathrooms because of how much moisture builds up. The kitchen might also be a place to avoid too because of spills from the sink and cooking.

● Don’t walk in cleats or high heels on the wood because these shoes can dent the floor. If possible, stick to bare feet or slippers to keep dirt to a minimum. Avoid wearing just socks as the surface can get slippery.