April showers bring may flowers and all throughout spring that’s especially true. Being relatively close to the sea means we live in a high moisture area, but spring brings the added certainty of rain and the added risk of the occasional summer hurricane. Here are the best hardwood choices to prepare you for the rainy season!

White Oak

Commonly used for boats, white oak is durable and water-resistant. With naturally occurring materials that block water inside the oak, this is your best option for low-warping, water-resistant wood material. This makes white oak a great option for an indoor-outdoor kitchen or living room trend that’s taking home renovation by storm!


The gold standard in decay resistance, teak is also very durable and resistant to termites. Unlike white oak, however, prices aren’t the most stable and can be quite expensive. On the other hand, you’re paying for quality and resistance paired with a beautiful shine. Teak is often boasted as the best flooring for dogs and kids, making it well worth the price.

teak tree


While only moderately resistant to decay and rot, cypress is packed with natural oils and is a domestic, long-lasting like exotic woods such as teak and ipê but at a more affordable price. Cypress is another wood often used for boating material—keeping water at bay even without finishing and commonly used in southern swamplands.


Also known as Brazilian walnut or ironwood, ipê is so dense that it barely floats. This wood is known to take teeth off of saws and is resistant not only to moisture, but also to surface checks, movement, warping, cracking, and denting. Left untreated, ipê has a functional life as long as 40 years and, while expensive and sometimes hard to find, it is comparable in price to other hardwoods of the same quality.

Ipe in spring

Sealing Your Woods This Spring

Independent of the wood’s natural ability to repel water and moisture, sealing and finishing your wood is a great way to add protection. Wood finish and staining lets you choose the sheen and color of your hardwoods without compromising on material. A typical finish protects the wood for up to two years and requires a few days to dry, but if done by the professionals of  Wakefield Hardwood Floors you won’t have to worry about do-overs or a mess! We get your flooring project done at the right time-independent if you need new floors installed, refinished, stained, or repaired.